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September 21, 2008


Ahu Terzi

The assignment is too easy.

I never procrastinate making lists.

In fact, my love affair with lists alone is the reason why my fridge is never fully stocked, my IKEA shopping not completed, my light fixtures are still not hung, my laundry is sitting next to my bed (over which I have to leap every morning) and the birthday cards I bought in January are neatly tucked away in a closet along with the pretty journals and the overflown photo boxes. Making lists relaxes me and once relaxed, I no longer worry about finishing what I've started. Or start anything for that matter.

It's been over a month since I stopped writing at midlifecrisisat33.blogspot.com (since I turned 34 on September 11) and I'm thinking my next blog might just be on lists.

Jennifer Carol

I agonized over my list for far too long. The thoughts refused to come my way. My thoughts run in a hundred different directions and I have to admit that you are correct. I don't want to wright about the things I've done wrong in my life but in some ways they are more interesting to tell. Looking outside of myself to the person I used to be is scary. I know I don't like that girl very much. What if I realize that I'm still that selfish young girl whose wrecklessness caused so much pain. Maybe it's okay to look and remember.

B. Muse

Things I don't want to write about:
Career women (which is something I could never get under my belt)
Love's easy success (We fell in love; we were made for each other, blah, blah, blah)
Science Fiction (The thought of creating an entire world makes me tired.)
Eating Disorders (WAY too close)
Lonliness (Just too sad)
Death (though this seems to be a topic I DO write about from time to time.

Things I need to write about
Eating Disorders (Just get it out of the way, damn it.)
Lonliness (Because it really is one of humanities deepest fears)
Bravery (Because I think I'm so too blessed with this.)

B. Muse

Dern it. I hate it when I mess up my typing. I meant to say

Bravery (Because I think I'm so NOT blessed with this.)

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