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July 24, 2007



Please enter me!


Please include me. They live in NJ. Thanks for the chance.

Laura Williams

Oops, forgot to answer the question. SOrry!

I think it's NJ.

Tater and Tot

Hmmmm....Either New York or New Jersey (like everyone else is saying.) If I hadn't read others answers and only the synopsis, I would have guessed New York because I don't know much about where NYCers live! I hope I'm entered anyway!



Teaneck, N.J :)

It looks like a great book.


NYC! Pick me, I'd love to read your book!!!!

Shama-Lama Mama

Hmmm... it says one works in NYC, but they have porches. so I am guessing New Jersey?

Thanks so much for the chance to win!
kcecilio @ ureach dotcom


Please enter my name into your drawing, thank you! :)


Wow! It's like Christmas in July! Thanks to all of the wonderful bloggers that are participating in this great give-away!!!


YAY! A new novel to read. I think they live in Jersey.


Thanks for the chance to win this!!


New Jersey?

Count me in, please! And feel free to stop by my blog and enter to win free Scripture!


Jackie R.

Please sign me up! I don't have a blog, but you can contact me at DivaDivine15@aol.com. Thank you so much for your generosity!

frugal housewife

This looks great! Please add me to your list. My e-mail address is myspamfoil@gmail.com.


Amanda works at a prominent publishing house in New York City.

Please count me in.


Sign me up, too, please!


Amanda works in New York city!
Please include me and thanks for sharing!

Karen (mommy of three)

I thought they lived in Jersey and Amanda worked in NYC also...hopefully my memory is correct:) Please count me in, I would love to have this!


Sounds like a fun prize! Hurl me in the proverbial hat! Thanks!

Answer: New Jersey..

raeshylle at yahoo dot com


OOOooo! this sounds like a great book! Kinda sinister sounding and that you might not be able to stop reading once you start.

Amanda is a book editor at a prominent publishing house in New York City


This looks like a great giveaway, please count me in!, I know I entered this yesterday but don't see me...they live in NJ.

Linda SS

Thank you for offering a prize. Not sure of the answer but I'll say they reside in NJ and commute to NY to work.


She works in New York.
What a great gift!

Feel welcome to enter my give-away.


I have no idea, but it seems like New Jersey is the right answer!


Amanda works in New York City
Please pick me

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