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July 24, 2007



Enter me!! (then pick me! pick me!)


Wait! I didn't answer the question--they live in Jersey!

Diana Farley

I hope that I will be picked, thanks, Diana


Amanda works in NYC so I'm assuming they live in NJ - we are Jersey too and my husband commutes in! This looks like a great book - very applicable! Thank you for sharing!


Oh, what a potential teriffic new read for the beach.


i'm in!

and though my site above is for my giveaway, my writing site is


Jersey? Free book! Hope I win!


That sounds like a great book! Please enter me in the drawing!

Laura Williams

Please enter me into your drawing. Thank you!


Please enter me into your drawing.


Since my name is Thea, I was thoroughly confused by your question! I was really wondering why people would want to know that I lived in Ohio!

I'm a little slow!

This Ohioan says they live in NJ. Include me, please!


They live in NJ of course :) Count me in please! :)


I thought it was New York, but New Jersey seems to be the most popular answer... So being a West Coast girl (meaning I know nothing about the New York area) I guess I'll go with New Jersey. Yes! That is my final answer! (Oh yeah, and please enter me in your fabulous drawing... Thanks!)


I thought it was NY, too. What do I know?

I can't wait to read these books (hopefully I'll win this one and buy the other two.)


Thanks for including me in your drawing!



Sounds like a terrific read! They live in New Jersey.

Please put my name in your drawing. Thanks!


They live in N.J. Looks like a great book! I'm adding it to my " to be read list ". Add me to your list of hopefuls and thanks for hosting this fun contest!

CPA Mom and Soccer Mom Angela

Amanda and Thea live in NYC. I would LOVE to read this book. Thanks for the chance to win. cpamomva at hotmail dot com


They live in New Jersey! Please sign me up. Thanks!


Hey I am ready to read and let everyone know how great it is...soooooo... At first I thought it was New York but now I am not sure since everyone is saying New Jersey. Do I get two answers??? As the donkey says in Shrek...Pick me...pick me!!!


Sounds like a great book! Please add me to the drawing. Thanks


I would love to be entered please.



My guess is NJ, however, the description i read only mentioned NYC. Will you still enter me in the drawing? kudos for all the great reviews!


My guess is NJ, however, the description i read only mentioned NYC. Will you still enter me in the drawing? kudos for all the great reviews!


Hmmm...is this a trick question? It doesn't really say where Amanda and Thea live. Could be Jersey...could be New York. You live in Jersey, so I'm going to make up that they live in Jersey and Amanda commutes to NYC!
Can't wait to read your book and start to participate in your writing challenges!


Hmmm. NY? NJ? Meethinks that I'll have to buy the book to be sure. Maybe Gwendolyn will let me enter anyway! ;)

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